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Reservation and menu


Please reserve as soon as you know when you want to come

Due to the reduced space available, we ask everyone to secure a place with a reservation if they have to travel further or plan to visit us.

But there is often room for spontaneous guests :-) Only rarely at the weekend,

just 3-5 p.m

Please note: ​

  • Fixed reservation time is 1.5 hours

  • children also need a seat

  • Groups of 6 or more must be called

  • We'll wait 15 minutes, please call us if something comes up - it can always happen.

  • Waiting list: Everything seems to be occupied by the system, we will contact you when something becomes available.

  • Please cancel if you can't, even spontaneously, then someone from the waiting list can come and be very happy about it.

  • Keep your 2G proof handy - proof of recovery, proof of vaccination

  • Be ready for good food, relaxation, nice people and cute cats


From December 2021 we will take a fixed entry per person aka minimum drink to be able to maintain this beautiful place.

  • Admission €8.88 pp  including 2 drinks

  • Children 6-16 €5.55 incl. 1 drink

  • Wed-Fri: 10% discount in the first hour

  • in the last hour there is no entry

  • short coffee up to 30min without entry

Do you like us and come often? Then take a subscription -> Here

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