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Why do we need help?

Since this year I run the café alone. So that it is always comfortable with us and that we can host you as a guest, a lot of work is required - I can't do it alone. So far, parts have always been left behind.  The last year and the ongoing political view of social interaction also contribute to this situation. In short: it's tight in the household of the purrke.

how can you help


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food donation

We also gladly accept donations of food. Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to feed them for official reasons. Here is a list of food that we feed ourselves.

Juwelier Arbeits


You are welcome to get involved directly. Everyone has talents. Do you enjoy a little variety? Soon you will find our current "requests" - until then, contact us directly here with your passion.

Together for a beautiful world


Please donate to:

Wolf Schönwalder

De95 8309 4495 0003 4191 93
Subject: donation

In principle, we accept all donations of food .

Since we pay attention to a few things when it comes to the food for the café residents due to our requirements and our knowledge and conscience, we pass on unsuitable food to those in need - so all donations find hungry mouths ;-)

If you want to do something good for cats, the following is healthy:

  Companies used by us:

  • animonda

  • Bozita

  • Gray

  • Yarrah

  • Mmmmm

All in all, we also buy food here and there with a little sugar substitute (e.g. gray) to offer our furry friends a certain variety :-) The factors mentioned here represent ideal food.

We accept all donations with joy and gratitude.

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