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The Schnurke Cafe

A place by and for people & with cats!

since 2018 in the hands of Wolf & Alex

in the sole hands of Wolf since 2022


Our history

How did Café Schnurrke come about?

The Café Schnurrke was set up and opened by Sabrina S. in 2014 and was diligently run for 4 years. She fascinated with simple and delicious vegetarian dishes, a great breakfast and of course 4 wonderful cats - of which only two could be in the café at the end for health reasons. For the sake of yourself and your family, you finally gave the cafe into the hands of Wolf and Alex in 2018.

and how is Café Schnurrke currently managed?

After a month of renovations, the two reopened the cafe on February 28, 2018. They now only offer vegan food from around the world. Depending on the weather, your mood.
In addition to the best taste, the two also attach great importance to regionality and sustainability.

There is an extraordinary philosophy in the cafe itself: It means being human, meeting each other on the same level, learning from mistakes and misunderstandings - please tell me if you don't feel 100% comfortable!

To ultimately create a place that gives peace and quiet in this wild world.

The philosophy

Natural & Human

Our goal at Café Schnurrke is to give our visitors a good time and show them another world.

With us we live to be human. We are honest about it and we want you to be too - because it does no good for anyone to use phrases and not feel comfortable without doing something about it. We can only help speaking guests, so help us to create a perfect time for you - we always look at what we can do and like to think outside the box.

As a balance and conviction, we only offer vegan food and drinks. We create very special recipes that will finally do away with the fact that vegan is only expensive and doesn't taste good. - Well, we are not cheap, but the premises mean that we only have about 20 fixed seats and ultimately the private rent and food have to be paid with it :-)

Earning money: Important and yet totally overrated.


If you think after the last few sentences that we deserve long vacations with our vegan dishes, you are wrong. Running a café conscientiously, with quality and service, is a matter close to our hearts - this is our contribution to a forward-looking world where quality and health come before profits. Because in the end we save with "cheap" but always on ourselves or on our fellow human beings.

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